Mark Dziuban is a devoted traveler, passionate outdoorsman, and proud family man.

Mark loves to travel across the country with his wife Sue, in search of breathtaking outdoor adventures. The couple enjoys bringing their two golden retrievers, Bobby and MJ, on each of their trips. They have gone on many adventures within the country and abroad, and will never tire of discovering the wonders that nature has to offer. In addition to his love for travel, Mark is also a fitness junkie: he enjoys cycling, weightlifting, and engaging in functional fitness training, which offers fitness exercises that perfect ordinary life skills. He has participated in four Ironman triathlons, widely considered one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world. Mark follows the Paleo diet, and is a General Aviation pilot of twin-engine turboprops.

Though Mark Dziuban enjoys all forms of travel, he is particularly fond of that which brings together his love of fitness and the outdoors. He likes to go places where he can remain very active, such as national parks: he and his wife Sue will bring their hiking boots, a Camelback backpack, their trusted bikes, and their dogs on each adventure. They enjoy being surrounded by beautiful scenery that inspires them to continue seeking out more wonders of the world. The couple is particularly fond of exploring, both by bike and by foot. They have also participated in a great many Olympic distance races and countless marathons, for which they train together and with their triathlon club friends regularly.

Mark Dziuban and his wife believe their combined training efforts continue to strengthen their marriage. They believe there is nothing better than competing with your spouse in something as rewarding as a triathlon. Mark and his wife are each other’s biggest supporters when it comes to competition. When they are not traveling or training for the next triathlon, the couple also enjoys practicing all sorts of sports together, including general exercise and yoga. They combined love of travel and fitness has kept Mark and Sue’s marriage unique and exciting.

Mark Dziuban’s favorite trip was his bike adventure with his wife through Napa and Sonoma California. The two spent their time biking between wineries, allowing them to soak in the scenery of stunning wine country, and to try many different kinds of wine. He has a preference for the West Coast and its breathtaking national national parks, specifically California and Washington. However, trips that are closer to home have the advantage of being able to bring his two golden retrievers along for the ride, who adore exploring as much as he and his wife do.

Mark recently participated in RAGBRAI, (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). Together, with his wife Sue, and more than 500 other cyclists, the active bunch spent days riding in the warm sun and camping at night. Now, in it’s fourth decade, the great tradition of RAGBRAI includes refreshing pit-stops along the way and a wonderful spirit of camaraderie, adventure, and happiness. RAGBRAI is a great example of the types of trips Mark loves to find. Where there’s a challenge, Mark is ready!

In addition to hiking and biking, Mark Dziuban is also passionate about aviation. He adores all things plane-related, and is a General Aviation pilot of twin-engine turboprops. He was the previous owner of the last-made commander. Mark would love to add to his current aviation skills by learning to fly helicopters, something which his stepson has already achieved through his work in the U.S. Marines. He is also interested in pursuing a commercial license. His love of planes follows naturally from his love of travel: knowing to fly a plane opens innumerable horizons and opportunities for travel, and Mark would like to take advantage of these as much as he can.