What’s the worst thing that could happen to you on vacation? Any emergency aside, I can’t imagine returning home from a trip where I’ve spent an entire week not working out.

I may be extreme on this issue, but for all of the health enthusiasts out there–you understand what I’m saying. Working out is more than a passion or a daily routine. It’s the way I stay centered, healthy, motivated.

I won’t deny it–it’s far easier to work fitness into your daily life. While it may not be easy to wake up an hour earlier to hit the gym before work, over time, you learn to enjoy the process. Maybe for you, you’ve built an hour long walk into your lunch time break. Or maybe you’re an avid hiker who spends half her weekend out on the local trails.

No matter where or how you sweat, travel can certainly throw a wrench into your routine. Here are a few tips on how you can build your daily workout into your travel plans. You’ll return home refreshed and happy that you’re dedication to health is no match for tough travel agendas.

Mark Dziuban’s Travel Fitness Tips

  1. Prepare Early

Nothing is harder to arrive at the hotel and have no plan. Do your research before you step onto the plane. What’s the climate like? Will you need special gear? Develop a solid workout plan at home so you’ll be able to pack all of your supplies.

  1. Get Creative

Every athlete understands the power of cross training. I like to use travel as a way to force myself into new routines or workouts. Instead of cycling every morning at home, I might step out for a quick 5 mile run. Take advantage of this change of pace!

  1. Pack a Resistance Band and Yoga Mat

Two easy options for hotel room workouts? Resistance band calisthenics and yoga or pilates.  Chances are, you already know a few dozen workout exercises that you can string together to create an ‘on the fly’ program. What else is the mat good for? Hotel room floors may appear clean, but unlike your home gym, you have no idea! Keep yourself healthy!

  1. Consider Mealtimes

What’s equally important to keep in mind as you travel? The food you consume. For some athletes, this can be harder to swing than fitting in a quick sweat session. Try and find a mantra and stick to it. Add greens. Limit your alcohol and keep in mind that what you put in your body is equally important as the exercises you perform.