With the busy summer travel season of 2018 wrapping up, it is time to look forward to 2019. Personalization, mobile utilization, bucket list trips, and more lead the list of travel trends heading into the new year. Here are four of the top travel trends to look for in 2019:

PERSONALIZATION IS KING: The buzzword in the travel industry for 2019 is personalization. Discerning travelers want to know that the experience is personally curated to fit their specific needs and preferences. The emerging use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making it more possible than ever for travel industry leaders to develop and implement a variety of personalized travel experiences. Industry research demonstrates that travelers are willing to pay more for a curated journey, so look to see more tailored travel adventures in the year to come.

MOBILE IS EVERYWHERE: Not only do travelers feel more comfortable than ever booking their travel through their trusted mobile devices, but they are increasingly using them for a myriad of purposes while on the road. Once at the destination, travelers report a heavy reliance on their mobile devices for booking restaurants, looking up directions, researching attractions, and more. As we move into an increasingly connected world, travel industry leaders are looking to mobile technology and digital assistants to continue to shape the way everyone travels.

IMPULSE TRAVEL ON THE RISE: Research indicates that spontaneous travel is on the rise, thanks in large part to the proliferation of last-minute deals and the ease in which trips can be booked online. Travelers willing to pack up and go recognize the deals that can be had when they are available for flexible travel arrangements. Savvy travel companies have harnessed this sense of wanderlust and fed into the urge for impulse adventures with a host of last-minute specials designed to capitalize on this market segment growth.

BUCKET LIST TRAVEL: With an increase in travel spending expected in the year 2019 due to rising amounts of disposable income, more and more travelers are looking to fulfill their bucket list travel dreams. Learning new skills, seeing one of the seven wonders of the world, volunteering, and taking trips to relive childhood memories lead the list of popular ideas driving travel destination decisions.