Roving Retrievers-Tails and Trails

A “tail” of two Golden Retrievers (and their humans)as they travel west:

Day 18, Moab, UT

Even though the venue has changed a few times now, Bobby’s regimen hasn’t. If Sue or I have to get up to go to the bathroom after 5:00 am, the day automatically starts. I guess in his mind this is Bobby’s vacation, he knows a 45-minute head start won’t hurt anyone so you either have to wait to get up and uncomfortably hold your bladder, or get the day going early. Today, early it is. Today is a little different for me though as all we have to do is open the door, let Bobby do his thing, he’ll let out a single bark so we can let him back in the cabin. I choose to follow MJ’s morning routine, I let out a snort, roll over and let the action take place around me, maybe no one will notice I’m in the room. No luck, MJ gives me a look that says I’ll need more practice.

Within 15 minutes our day is in full swing. We have one full day in Moab and we are not going to miss a thing. We haven’t grocery shopped and have no plans to do so. Sue and I decide to have a quick breakfast at a local café, come back to the cabin, load up the boys and go explore.

2019-01-18 08.10.16

Bobby in car and ready for action

Our new app, “All Trails”, tells us a twenty-minute car ride will take us to a trailhead that has an out and back 1.3-mile hike, (each way), to two arches which happen to be side by side, Bow Tie and Corona Arch. We came to Moab for the scenery so time to go check it all out. We loaded up the dogs and we’re off. The hike had a difficulty rating of moderate which may or may have been too much for MJ but we wanted to see some arches so off we went.

The Corona Arch Trail

The Corona Arch Trail

After hiking about 1 mile we were able to see the arches. There was a portion of the trail that was quite steep so a cable hand rail provided the ability to move forward but it was clearly too much for MJ. Sue stayed with the dogs, I completed the trail to the arches which were simply amazing to see. The dogs were happy as the rock’s flats provided an area MJ and Bobby could run around and burn off energy.

2019-01-18 09.04.55

Corona Arch

Waiting for Dad to return - Corona Arch in background

Waiting for Dad to return – Corona Arch in background

Chains to elevate hiker to next part of trail - too steep for dogs to go back down

Chains to elevate hiker to next part of trail – too steep for dogs to go back down

The car ride back from the hike took us past Arches National Park. Most, if not all national parks do not allow dogs on hiking trails, so we decided to just take a drive through the park. The dogs were tired and didn’t seem to mind the extra time in the car. When you drive through Arches you might as well be on the planet Mars. There is no other place I have been in my life to explain the terrain and geology, it is just simply amazing. Sue and I promised each other one day we will return without the boys so we may explore and see more of what the park to has to offer.

Back to the cabin for a little, (and well deserved), rest and relaxation. The day was ticking away and there was much more exploring left to be done today.

After a quick nap we found more trails on the All Trails app. We all loaded back up in the car in search of more fun. Google Maps took us down a long and almost single lane asphalt road that ran along the Colorado River. We probably went 2 or 3 miles before the road became a single lane dirt road which serpentine its way down river eventually climbing several hundred feet up. At times I wondered what would happen if a car came from the opposite direction but thankfully that never happened. We were definitely in the Utah backcountry. We drove to and found two separate hikes which both eventually led to a water crossing of which only Bobby wanted to traverse. Before we could react, Bobby jumped right into a creek that had ice formed on both sides. Too late to do anything about it we had to whistle him back across the creek as we had no interest moving forward.

Creek passage thru trail ended the trail for everyone but Bobby

Creek passage thru trail ended the trail for everyone but Bobby

Windows down and enjoying the view

Windows down and enjoying the view

Once we were finally back in the car, we settled on a 3-mile hike that was on a paved bike route. Good enough as now all we wanted to do was exhaust the dogs. I’ll never know if it was a success or not as if the goal was to exhaust me, mission accomplished!

On the way back to the cabin we passed a doggie “barkery”, (bakery), a well-deserved treat was in order. The dogs chose pig ears for the treat d’jour.

Today was a total success. Sue and I were able to explore things which up until this point we could only imagine. MJ and Bobby had one of the best dog days of their lives, and they got to have a pig ear to boot! It will be an early start tomorrow as we will be off to St George, UT but to tell the boys what is on the agenda tomorrow means nothing, these guys live for the minute and right now, at this exact minute, sleep is all they can think about.