Roving Retrievers-Tails and Trails

A “tail” of two Golden Retrievers (and their humans)as they travel west:

Day 25, Sedona, AZ-Goodyear AZ 128 miles, 2 hours 5 min

Our time in Sedona was just too short. When Sue and I originally planned our route of travel for our trip we knew we would be excited to get to Fred and Pam’s house in Goodyear, AZ. We needed to make certain our prior stop would not be too long. I know I’ve said it many times but Sedona scenery is simply breathtaking. We could have easily spent several more days in the area but we were on a mission and our next mission was to get to Pam and Fred’s house!

We have known Fred and Pam for many, many years. Fred is one of our old running buddies from back in our marathon days. Four or five days each week, sometimes six , long before daybreak we would all meet for our daily training runs. I can tell you from my personal experience, when you spend hours and hours each week running with someone, you get to know that person quite well. Fred and Pam are absolute top-notch people. Back in the day before there was an MJ or a Bobby there was a Jenna. Jenna was one of the best running partners anyone could ever hope to have. Sue and I would wake in the very early morning and Jenna would be at our side, tail wagging excited to start her day with a run. She ran with our running group and never ended a run in the back of the pack. She never whimpered, whined, or refused to go on a run. We have a picture of Sue and Fred finishing a 10k, Jenna ran the race too. All three are pictured with their finisher medals around their necks! So many fond memories and today…we get to relive some of our past and we’re excited to do so!

Fred and Pam are insistent we stay at their house, we happily accept their offer. Tobby and Timmy don’t bark, they meow. Meowers and barkers don’t mix. It’s a deeply embedded dislike the two have for each other, one that goes back thousands of years so prior to our arrival we decide to board the dogs for our two day stay. Fred and Pam have a neighbor who watches dogs in his house. Dave lives alone, he’s older and is an animal lover. Fred coordinated the meeting, Sue and Dave negotiated the terms and a doggie vacation within a vacation was set. After allowing the dogs to run around Fred and Pam’s yard for the afternoon we decided we should take the dogs to Dave’s house. We spent a few minutes with Dave at his house preparing him for what we knew he was in for. Sue and I were satisfied knowing the boys were going to enjoy their stay.

I will admit I felt guilty leaving the boys behind but when I woke up the first morning and there wasn’t a Bobby telling me it was time to get up. We didn’t have to leash the boys up to take them outside for the days first duty…well, it was kinda nice! The four of us, Sue, MJ, Bobby, and I are a tighter knit group right now than we ever have been but hey, we need a break and I’m sure the dogs do too so let’s run with this! I feel it’s just what the doctor ordered!

Sue and I wake up and after the mandatory early cup of coffee we start the day by joining Fred on a 25-mile bike ride, Pam is off to yoga. Riding your bike through an area you haven’t visited before is a great way to explore and see the local sights. Fred takes us past some great areas, Sue and I are starting to see why he and Pam love it here as much as they do. Once we all return to the house, and after a quick rest and lunch, Fred and Pam take us on a tour of their community. Pebble Creek is a 55+ retirement community and it is jam packed with stuff to do. If you live in Pebble Creek and ever get bored, it’s your fault. Fred and Pam clearly love living here and are having a blast showing us around.

Biking in Goodyear with Fred

Biking in Goodyear with Fred

A search for an early afternoon activity shows the 20 pickle ball courts are jam packed but the bocce ball courts have a couple of available courts so bocce ball it is! Sue and I decide to challenge Fred and Pam to a mixed doubles match and we were schooled! While leaving the bocci ball courts we exit through the clubhouse which has a display wall of club champions. Smack dab in the middle of all the framed photos of club champions is a photo of Fred and Pam…last years club champions!!! Ugh…! We’ve been had!

Bocce Ball with Fred and Pam

Bocce Ball with Fred and Pam

Two days at Fred and Pam’s is too short but it’s time to get going. La Quinta, CA is our next stop. Sue and I load the car back up, after our final good byes we drive to Dave’s house to pick up the dogs. Funny, I think MJ and Bobby have been away from us for 40 hours, once they see us you would think it’s been years! Tails wagging and the obligatory face licking, we load them in the car and we’re back on the road.

We will be unhitching the wagon when we get to La Quinta as we will be staying the entire month of February. It will be nice as we will unload everything from the car and get into a daily routine. Throughout the month we have several friends coming to join us for golf, biking, and hiking so while we won’t be driving from point A to point B we will certainly still be on the move.

Sunrise after yoga on departure day from Fred and Pam's house

Sunrise after yoga on departure day from Fred and Pam’s house