Roving Retrievers-Tails and Trails

A “tail” of two Golden Retrievers (and their humans)as they travel west:

Day 67, Elko, NV-Park City, UT 258 miles, 4 hours 15 min

We all caught a great night sleep in Elko. My $14.00 prime rib I ordered for dinner last night tasted like I got exactly what I paid for. Good enough for me as the mashed potatoes knocked me on my butt and I was asleep 15 minutes after we walked back to our room. As we were walking back to our room it was snowing pretty hard, we had no idea what we would wake up to but Park City was next up on the docket and a little snow was not going to stop us from leaving in the morning.

Sue woke first, fed MJ and Bobby, well Bobby really as MJ backed away from the food bowl one more time this morning. The full-length mirror on the bathroom door told MJ all he had to know, no food for him this morning. Once again Bobby’s eyebrows raised as his head tilted in disbelief while he watched Sue dump MJ’s breakfast back in the dog food bag. If there was ever a time in history one could hear a dog say the work “SHEESH!”, I think today would have been the day. Safe to say, dogs can’t speak.

We walked outside, luggage and dogs in tow to find about 3” of fresh snow on the car. By now the sky was clear, smooth sailing was in order for today’s ride. The dogs know the system and how it works, one night in a cheap hotel and they know that they’ll be in the car all day the next day. No surprise dog expressions when we make the call to jump in.

The ride from Elko to Salt Lake City is once again a beautiful drive. As soon as we crossed the Utah state border we were in the salt flats of Utah. Bonneville is only miles away and even though the elevation is well about 4,000 feet, it is as flat as anything you have ever seen. This doesn’t go on for a few miles. The landscape is consistently flat all the way to Salt Lake City although the mountain ranges are close off in the distance to the north and south. As we get closer to our destination one of the most majestic mountain ranges we have ever seen is ahead and in sight. I’ve flown into the Salt Lake area before and remember the mountains as being absolutely gorgeous. I might not remember what I had for dinner two nights ago but my memory is correct remembering the beauty of the Salt Lake area.

While enroute Sue found a dog park online in the middle of Salt Lake City. (The dog Friendly Park was Memory Grove dog friendly freedom trail) We had time to kill and wanted to check out the city. In the heart of the city is a dog park where dogs are allowed off leash. We have less than an hour to our destination but want to give the dogs a little attention so a stop at a dog friendly park seemed just what they needed. We decided to leave the dogs on leash as we didn’t want them to get too dirty for the balance of the car ride to Park City. The park was dog heaven. A swift moving creek bordered the trail to the east, dogs were jumping in and out, Bobby wanted a piece of the action. After hiking for about 1 ½ miles we turned around and headed back to the car. As we neared the car we decided to let the dogs off leash and as expected, Bobby bee-lined for the water and jumped in. We really didn’t mind as his under carriage got pretty dirty from the hike up so by plan, we hoped the clean water would clean him up. MJ was happy to watch his younger brother play with a black lab in the water as memories of his youth probably filled his head. (Not really but it did mine so work with me here).

Satisfied the dogs had a little fun and were able to burn off some energy it was time to get back in the car and check out our next stop on our itinerary. For those of you who may ski and have never been to Park City, this is a MUST DO! Sue and I could not believe how close Park City is to Salt Lake City. Literally 35 minutes from the airport. We arrived to the area too early to check in to the town house we rented so a trip to town and a little provisioning stop at Whole Foods was in order. After Whole Foods we thought we’d take a little “fly by” the ski resort to check it out.

With 7,300 acres of skiable terrain, 41 lifts and over 330 ski runs, Park City claims stake to the biggest ski in America. Until I saw the hill and searched on line I knew none of this. What a score! Sue and I had such a bad experience skiing in 8” of powder in the drizzling rain in Tahoe our desire to ski was pretty low until we arrived in Park City. Tomorrow is going to be a blast but first thing first, time to search for doggie day care so Mom and Dad don’t have to worry about the kids while they’re away having a blast!

Another search on the internet finds Park City Pet Resort. We call ahead, they tell us they have room for MJ and Bobby the next two days so being the “helicopter” parents we are we wanted to check this place out. Only miles from our rental we pull up to Park City Pet Resort. Outside is a small corral with two horses. I tell the boys I think they’re either Dobermans or Great Danes but Sue is quick to correct me. Anyway it turns out Park City Pet Resort is an equine veterinary hospital and a doggie day care facility. Inside we meet Dave who owns and manages the dog side of the operation and he fits the bill perfectly. Its as though the interview process was reversed and I felt as though I was the one who had to answer the questions correctly. Dave left no doubt in our minds he was the ultimate dog lover and knew MJ and Bobby would be well taken care of so we signed up for the next two days.

After passing the rigors of Dave’s interview, and feeling as though I answered the questions correctly, it was time to check in at our Park City rental. Score again! Our two-bedroom condo was seemingly brand new. Stickers were still on the bottom of the dishes and bowls seriously making Sue and I wonder if we really were the first people to stay at this place. Everything was picture perfect, we even had a garage so once we unloaded our gear I decided to unload the bikes and all gear so I could remove the bike rack making driving around Park City much easier.


The old town of Park City  Lots of shops and restaurants

The old town of Park City Lots of shops and restaurants

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It turned out to be a great experience driving to Park City and are even more excited than originally imagined to get out and hit the slopes tomorrow. Time for some rest so for now it’s lights out!