Roving Retrievers-Tails and Trails

A “tail” of two Golden Retrievers (and their humans)as they travel west:

Day 7, Ski day – Breckenridge

Our day started extremely early this morning. Our plan was to go to Breckenridge to go skiing. Google Maps told us it was a two hour ride from our rental, we wanted to be skiing by 9:30 am. So, the alarm went off at 5:00 which took Bobby by surprise. Sue turned all the lights on, MJ rolled over on his back, let out a sigh that told us he didn’t want to be bothered. After a successful pre-breakfast walk, (head lamp and bags at the ready), the boys ate and the four of us went for a long walk to Starbucks.

Per plan we pulled out at 7:00 am, arrived to Breckenridge right on time. After standing in line to get our Epic Pass, (we won’t have to stand in lift ticket lines anymore), we were on the slopes by 9:45. Our next trip we will easily shave 30 minutes off as we now have a better lay of the land.

We’ve waited a few days to go skiing as we wanted to let the dogs become accustomed to their new surroundings before we left them alone for the day. We didn’t really want to put them in a doggie day care, even though it probably would have been a fun day for Bobby, it might not have been for MJ. Sue found on an internet search. is a network of local pet care takers that will come to your house while you are away take the dogs for a walk, stay at your house, or take them into their house. In Boulder, there are plenty of people that use the app, so I found someone who lived close and would come take the dogs on a walk.  Their rate is based on the number of dogs charged by the ½ hour. After a quick phone interview Sue was impressed with Hazel. Hazel would come to the unit, take pictures of the dogs and text them to us so we could have an update while we were away. Hazel showed up at exactly the proposed time, she actually called Sue to let her know she arrived. 45 minutes later we had pictures from Hazel of their walk and a report assuring us all was well and that she enjoyed the boys. Absolutely perfect! Our experience with was a good one and urge anyone who hasn’t tried or heard of them to check them out. A 5-star review.

It was an absolute prefect weather day skiing. It was crowded although we were able to find a lift that had a max 5-minute wait time. We broke for lunch and decided we would ski until 2:30 which would get us back to Boulder by 5:00pm. It was 2:00, Sue and I were making our second to the last run of the day when at the end of the run, going slow actually, I caught an edge turning me backwards on the hill. I was upright trying to turn back around but ended up hyperextending my knee. Having previously torn both ACL’s I was confidant I didn’t re-tear my ACL but I clearly strained my knee, I had difficulty standing up. It was decision making time. We were a long distance from the car, but decided I could go back up the lift and we could work our way over to get to the car. It was rough coming down, no doubt I looked like a beginner but we made it back. By the time we returned home my knee swelled up and I was concerned I may have caused severe damage. I was unable to put any weight on my knee so a trip to the chiropractor was in order.


Skiing at Breckenridge

Skiing at Breckenridge

2019-01-08 12.55.46

The trip to the chiropractor yielded good news. My ACL was intact but I popped my fibula out of place. The chiropractor popped it back into place, I could immediately walk! I love chiropractors! The swelling needs to go down but other than that everything is fine. Hopefully we’ll be back on the slopes in a couple of days and we’ll be using Hazel again soon.

We walked in the house at exactly 5:00pm to two very happy and hungry hounds. Once fed Sue took the dogs for a walk, a long day for us which ended with the lights turning off earlier than usual.