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The Perfect Week in Peru- Done on a Budget!

The following blog was written by daughter; it is a reflection of her journeys through Peru on a budget. I hope you enjoy this wonderful piece of travel writing! The Perfect Week in Peru- Done on a Budget!  Being recently graduated and adventure seeking nurses, we knew we wanted to travel to Peru and hit all […]


Tips for first-time flyers

Flying allows passengers to save time and money while traveling comfortably. However, for those who have never stepped foot onto a plane, the entire process can be daunting. Follow these five tips for first-time flyers to make sure your trip goes smoothly.   Scour the web for good ticket prices. While individual airlines sell tickets […]

Traveling with Pets

Traveling With Pets: Mark Dziuban’s Essential Tips

If you’re a dog owner, it’s impossible to think of planning your vacation without taking your pet into consideration. While it may seem like your only option to leave your dog at home under the care of a friend, pet sitter, or at a professional setting, it can be stressful and economically challenging to continue […]

Rim to Rim

Grand Canyon Day Hike

I must first start out saying that if you have never been to the Grand Canyon, it is a must. It boasts an impressiveness that cannot be described or seen in mere pictures. It gives you a glimpse into perspective of just how powerful and absolutely beautiful nature can be. Being a part of this […]

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