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Roving Retrievers-Tails and Trails – Day 3 Hays, KS-Boulder, CO

Roving Retrievers-Tails and Trails A “tail” of two Golden Retrievers (and their humans)as they travel west: Day 3  Hays, KS-Boulder, CO: 352 miles, 5 ½ hrs We woke up to a rather cold and frosty morning in Hays. I’m pretty certain everyone had a great night sleep, if they didn’t I would have never known […]

Roving Retrievers – Tails and Trails – Prelude

Roving Retrievers-Tails and Trails Prelude: Hi, I’m Mark, my wife is Sue. We are owners of the two best dogs in the world, MJ, (Mark Jr), and Bobby. Both are Golden Retrievers, MJ is a traditional Golden, Bobby is an English Cream. Before I start I must tell you Sue and I have a life. […]


The Best Things to do when traveling to Switzerland

Recently I traveled to Switzerland, mostly in the Bern Region.  The Bern Region includes Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Grindewald, Murren, and Jungfrau to name a few.  First off if you are considering European travel, you MUST go to Switzerland. It is absolutely spectacular and filled with beauty that not even a camera can unveil properly.  It can […]


How is Big Data Impacting the Ways we Travel?

Big data is influencing a lot of different industries around the world. Travel is no exception. The technology behind big data is affecting consumers and companies globally. Here are just some of the many ways it is doing so: Pricing Predictions for Hotels Hotels need to price their rooms the right way in order to […]


Looking Ahead: The Travel Industry in 2019

With the busy summer travel season of 2018 wrapping up, it is time to look forward to 2019. Personalization, mobile utilization, bucket list trips, and more lead the list of travel trends heading into the new year. Here are four of the top travel trends to look for in 2019: PERSONALIZATION IS KING: The buzzword […]


Organization on the go: building your first travel itinerary

Planning your first vacation is both exciting and stressful. The best way to make sure that your first vacation has no major snafus is to create a travel itinerary. If you’ve never created a travel itinerary before, you can find three steps below that will guide you. Gather Important Information The first step in building […]

The Perfect Week in Peru- Done on a Budget!

The following blog was written by daughter; it is a reflection of her journeys through Peru on a budget. I hope you enjoy this wonderful piece of travel writing! The Perfect Week in Peru- Done on a Budget!  Being recently graduated and adventure seeking nurses, we knew we wanted to travel to Peru and hit all […]


The Best Cycling Destinations in Chicago

While Chicago winters are long and harsh, Chicagoans tend to take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors when the weather cooperates. A robust network of bicycle trails offers ample opportunity to do just that. Whether one is looking to make a bike ride the featured activity of the day, or simply a more active travel […]


Tips for first-time flyers

Flying allows passengers to save time and money while traveling comfortably. However, for those who have never stepped foot onto a plane, the entire process can be daunting. Follow these five tips for first-time flyers to make sure your trip goes smoothly.   Scour the web for good ticket prices. While individual airlines sell tickets […]


Chicago’s best tourist attractions (Pt. 2)

Chicago was recently named to Thrillist’s “Best Cities in the USA to Spend a Weekend,” and the city’s presence on this list is no surprise; it contains some of the most captivating and nationally regarded tourist attractions in the country. These sites range from art showcases to sports history and beyond. Here are a few […]

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