If you’re a dog owner, it’s impossible to think of planning your vacation without taking your pet into consideration. While it may seem like your only option to leave your dog at home under the care of a friend, pet sitter, or at a professional setting, it can be stressful and economically challenging to continue this practice.

But what about a different option? Have you considered taking your dog with you on your travels? Today, more and more pet owners are forging ahead in this endeavor. Not only will your dog enjoy your company; but having your pet along for the ride will help you prioritize fitness and activity on your trip!

Here are a tips to consider when traveling with your dog. It’s easier than you might consider!

Wistful Dog

1.Train Your Dog to Enjoy the Car

This can be deal breaker when considering your pet as an extra travel companion. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend 12+ hours in the car with your dog while he or she is sick or distressed. The easiest way to tackle this problem is to expose your dog to shorter car rides to prepare for a longer journey. Exposing them to frequent car rides as a young dog is the most effective way; however, you can train an older dog to tolerate the car as well.

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2. Make Dog-Friendly Plans

You wouldn’t take your kids to Las Vegas and make them sit in the hotel room while you enjoyed the entertainment in the casino’s below. The same is true for your dog! While you can leave your pet alone in the hotel, you’ll definitely want to make appropriate decisions on what places will be best suited to bring your pet along. Do a fair amount of research before your trip. Are there state or national parks in the area that you can visit with your dog? Is the town generally a dog-friendly place. While you won’t plan your entire trip around your pet, it’s a great idea to research a few options that will make you and your dog happy.


3. Pack the Right Gear!

Any dog owner who travels with their pet can tell you the importance of this tip! Make sure you’re fully prepared to handle your dog’s needs while on vacation. This includes, bedding, food, water bowls, collar, leash, harness, toys, medications, and a crate.

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4. Get the Green Light on Accommodations

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the place where you’ll be staying is receptive to dogs! Don’t wait until the last moment to find a hotel that accepts your four-legged friend! While the pet movement continues to grow in the United States, spurring more and more establishments to open their doors to pets, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

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5. Make Sure Fido Has His Collar

This last tip is the most important. You’ll want to make sure that your dog’s tags are updated and securely fastened to his collar. When you’re traveling across state borders, it becomes a priority to take all precautionary measures in the case of a lost pet. Make it easier on yourself and your dog and be sure to have this important step completed before you leave!